Stone ordering process

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Cabinet Maker/Builder stone ordering process


All quotations should be emailed to

All quotes must contain the following information to ensure an accurate price;

  • Job name and job location

  • Plans & measurements. Please make sure all benchtop measurements are specified, as well as all cut outs. Sinks will need to be marked as either top mount or undermount.

  • Stone brand, colour, thickness & edge profile

  • Whether templates will be provided, or whether Platinum Products is required to do a site measure

  • Completed Platinum Stone Order Form


Orders need to be sent prior to collection of templates/site measure. Orders must include;

  • Platinum Products Quote Number

  • Benchtop drawings/plans with all appropriate measurements provided

  • Site installation address must be provided, unless otherwise stated as supply only

  • Specify if templates will be provided or whether Platinum Products will be required to site measure

  • Benchtop details including:

    • Brand
    • Colour
    • Thickness
    • Profile
  • Approximate etas noted on paperwork

Order confirmation

To accept a quote, please email confirmation through to

Once confirmations have been received with all relevant information, your order will be processed and an order approval will be sent via email from Platinum Products with a job reference number attached.

Please note that Platinum Products do appreciate orders to be sent as early as possible, to allow time for ordering materials. We request that all templates have a Platinum job number written on them.

Templating & Measuring

Please ensure all templates have been fitted correctly on site, allowing a 1.5mm gap between walls & panels.

Sink and hotplates require marked cut out lines with dimensions written on the cut-outs. Please do not do cut-outs on templates. Please specify if sinks are to be top-mount or undermount.

Tapholes must be marked on templates. Tapholes will no longer be drilled on site. If tapholes cannot be marked, it is the responsibility of the joiner to drill.

Templates are to be correctly marked including;

  • Company name

  • Job name

  • Job number

  • Address

  • Hotplate

  • Sink locations/exact cut-out sizes

  • Stone colour & thickness

  • How many templates/sub straights (eg 1/2, 2/2)

  • Any issues that may only be encountered once on site

Waterfall Ends

We prefer templates to be made. WF Templates are to be flush with the top of the boxes and fitted to the floor allowing a 2mm gap. At the top of the template, please include benchtop thickness. Please include the floor covering on the bottom of the template.


Templating & measuring is an essential part to ensuring that the installation process goes smoothly. Before templating & measuring, cabinets should be sufficiently installed and be level. Joiners/Cabinet Makers should notify Platinum Products when templates are ready to collect, and specify where from (site/factory). All orders should be placed prior to template collection.

Please ensure appropriate information regarding the site is communicated to Platinum Products.


  • All appliances must be cut into substrates

  • Undermount sinks that require cut outs in substrates require 10mm clearance to allow undermount sink to be glued up from sink box

  • All substrates must be fixed from inside of cabinetry. Please note substrates are not to be screwed from the top.

  • It would be appreciated if substrates could be edge stripped

Site access

  • Clear access to installation site. Please provide details regarding key access.

  • Please make sure site is accessible when ordering large lengths of stone. If the site is on another story other than ground floor, please be sure to communicate this to Platinum Products in advance so cranes, etc can be organised.

  • Please ensure carcasses are level and square prior to installation

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